4 Possible Endings of Mere Pass Tum Ho

Everyone is aware of the superhit blockbuster drama mere pass tum ho. This is the source of attraction from start to till episode 18. Which is shown on the channel of ARY digital on every Saturday.

The time or arrival is 8 pm. From the first episode to last al, the episodes are top ratted on youtube having a million of views. Like other superhit drama of Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, this serial is also the star the every on the eye. This is too emotional and strong characters are in them.

In which the character is Danish, Mehwish, Hania, Shahwar and many more. Mehwish cheats the danish and wants to spend the life with Shahwar. But now he leaves the Mehwish and she is helpless. The whole drama is consists of 22 episodes so every viewer ave a different point of view about the ending. So below I mention possibles ending of mere pass tum ho.


When Mehwish is helpless and lonely then she returns towards danish. Now she saying sorry to his sons and husband.Danish external says to everyone he forgives him.He hurt by the current condition of Mehwish because he loves him. So many views feel in the end danish forgive the Mehwish.


As the views notice Rumi lies the teacher Hania and she helps a lot in their bad time when Rumi needs a mother. She is also a daughter of danish best friend sir Mateen so maybe danish agree to marry miss Hania. No doubt she is a strong character woman every man wants that type of girl.


The previous episodes show that danish income raised very fastly and he starts sharing in Shahwar enterprises so fans feel that danish and Maham are joining the hands and become the Shahwar enterprises together. But how danish happy without Mehwish so this is not happy ending .The reason is that Kahlil -ur Rehman Qamar always writes sad, emotional ending. They don’t want happy endings.


Shahwar cheat te Mehwish badly when the wife of Shehwar is come from abroad. So the fan making a rough idea. When the Shehwar leaves the jail Mehwish to kill him. In the results of this Mehwish spend his remaining life in jail. This is the ending of mere pass tum ho.

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