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However, rest and relaxation are an integral part of our life and most of us spend more than twenty five (2,500) hours or more per year at work. However, less than half of us still never think about using our vacation time every year.

However, if you are like me, I always look forward to at least two (2) weeks a year where I can plan the perfect vacation. We should all look forward to spending quality time each year with family and friends.

As a fishing enthusiast, I have discovered that the fisherman is a major group of recreational adventurers and has a direct advantage over like-minded people looking for the same pleasures.

Therefore, the reputation of hunting in many areas regularly governs the population. With activities galore and some of the best salmon and fly fishing in the world, more and more vacationers today are making fishing lodges a great place to plan and look ahead.

There are many fishing lodges around the world, however, they cannot be compared to the Alaskan fishing lodges. It is today one of the most respected and beloved hunting lodges and that is perhaps the reason why it attracts so many visitors every year.

At the Alaska Fishing Lodge, one can expect to be pampered with the array of amenities one would expect from an all-inclusive vacation. You’ll get a personal guide, first-class customer service, and a guaranteed fishing vacation to give you memories that will last a lifetime and not just another fishing story to tell your friends, but a life-changing adventure.

Plus, because they carry the true heritage of Alaska, Alaska Fishing Lodges offer products and services that anyone can afford. With very reasonable prices, the place is always populated by people who just want to enjoy the great outdoors but cannot afford the gratuity of more expensive excursions.

One hunting lodge is the Alaska Rainbow Lodge, an all-inclusive Alaskan lodge owned and operated by Ron and Sharon Hayes, which has served anglers for over 50 years now. The Kvichak River sits in the heart of Bristol Bay, home to the world’s largest salmon.

It is one of the newer hostels in Alaska, capable of accommodating up to 16 people and comprising 4,600 square feet, offering guests a large living room, kitchen, living room, dining room and 5 double rooms with private bathroom. If you prefer privacy, they have 3 double cabins with private bathrooms.

The location of the Alaska Rainbow Lodge gives anglers easy access to the entire Bristol Bay area and thus allows salmon fishing for all five species, depending on the season; King salmon (June 15 – July 25), sockeye salmon (June 28 – July 20), silver salmon (July 25 – September 25), chum salmon (July 20 – August 20) and pink salmon (August 1 – August 25).

With such luxury that an Alaska fishing lodge has to offer, there is no better place to enjoy fishing and a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness adventure.

When you come to Alaska, get ready to have some fun. When you stay at an Alaska fishing lodge, expect the greatest fishing adventure of your life that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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