baby cough

GENERAL INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE WHOOPING COUGH In disease, the patient is suffering from the infection of the respiratory tract. Due to this problem patient is suffering difficulty breathing. Moreover, the sounds are produced with the result of this difficulty which is like whoop. That’s why this is called whooping cough. …

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4 Possible Endings of Mere Pass Tum Ho

Mere Pass Tum Ho

Everyone is aware of the superhit blockbuster drama mere pass tum ho. This is the source of attraction from start to till episode 18. Which is shown on the channel of ARY digital on every Saturday. The time or arrival is 8 pm. From the first episode to last al, …

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New trends in information technology

As we know that for spending the quality of life advanced technology is most important. Technologist is also in search of new things which facilitate the world. With the help of technology, we use the number of applications. Which included Facebook, twitter, amazon Instagram’s. No doubt these are the largest …

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ABOUT DIETARY FIBERS Dietary fibers are necessary for the organs of the body. The biggest and best source of dietary fibers are plants and vegetables.They are different kinds of dietary fibers according to types of vegetables and fruits. The most widely use fruits that have a good quantity of dietary …

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Bigg Boss Season 12 Winner Name and Show Detail

Bigg Boss 13

BIGG BOSS SEASON 12 WINNER Dipika Kakar is the tv actress belongs to India . This Dipika Kakar is the winner of big boss season 12. They successfully win all the challenges and awarded as the winner in the show of Salman khan, big boss season 12. Before they join …

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