Best apple touch screen laptop

Everyone knows about the quality of apple touch screen laptops. With the advancement of the technology they introducing the best touch screen laptop which is known as apple MacBook pro. This is the best apple touch screen laptop having the 16inches of the screen .So buy these best apple touch screen laptops and enjoy the life.


(MacBook pro)

There are the following features of mac book pro 16inches.

BRIGHT LIGHTS-they is producing very bright light which may be white or black for the clear visibility of the picture.

Color SCHEME -more they also have several beautiful color schemes for the capturing and short video to tutorials.

PORTABLE AND RELIABLE -this is light and weight and portable apple touch screen laptop . You can easily use this whatever you want. When you sit in your garden and room.

EFFECITEN AND FASTENER PROCESSER-they are very efficient In their working and fastener in the processing of work.

SCISSOR KEYWORD-this keyword is introducing in the MacBook pro 16 inches in the previous book the owner introducing the butterfly keyboard.

SCREEN SIZE -they touch screen apple have the bigger screen as compared to the previous laptop. In addition to this, they also have to maintain the refreshing rates of the screen.

BATTERY TIMING -the battery timing of this mac book is more than 15 inches. So this is the biggest facility for the utilizers.

SOUND QUALITY -which imported the good quality speakers so the sound quality is too good for the listeners. This is a strong attractive feature of this apple touch screen laptop.

SOFT AND NOISELESS KEYBOARD -the previous butterfly keyboard is concise.They sound like hammers are using in the room. But the new mac book this drawback is replaced with soft and comfortable keyboard buttons. In addition to this their steel body is look classy appearance to users.

Several SPEAKERS AND MIKES IN THIS LAPTOP-in which introducing the six speakers and three mikes . Utilizers are happy withies this facility. The quality of sound is also very good. The sound is not much or low which is accurate to human favorite pitched.

CPU PERFORMANCE – the CPU performance of this apple mac book is too god and brain catching for the utilizers.

STORING CAPACITY -they are available different staging capacity. the rates also vary according to the storing capacity. They are available in 128GB,256 Gb and 512 GB.

WEIGHT OF THE THIS TOUCH SCREEN LAPTOP -their overall weight of this touch screen laptop is four pounds.


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