High Level of Coaching on American Football Teams in Europe

During John Rosenberg’s 40 years of training as a soccer coach, he has been successful at all levels. He is a man with talents and interests. John is also a writer, inventor, radio host, traveler, and many more. However, football is his passion and he became one of the best coaches of American football in Europe. During his 16 coaching seasons in Europe, he amassed a record 80% wins as head coach and club coordinator in Germany and Italy. He laid the groundwork for it with a great coaching career.

John grew up in Boston, graduated from Harvard, then earned a Masters of Education from Penn State, where he began his coaching career and spent 11 years under the tutelage of legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno.

One of his most memorable matches was the 2002 German Championship when he led the team, as coach of the Hamburg Blue Devils, to a major disappointment over the perennial champions, the Braunschweig Lions, who were undefeated until that match. He made a huge difference when he took over the Munich Cowboys in 2007 after the team fell all the way down to Division 2 in Germany. In one season, he converted a 1-12 team to a 14-0 undefeated team the following year, and the team returned to the First Division.


This year John lives in Platting, a really small town in southeastern Germany (Bavaria) with a population of about 20 thousand. Blackhawks Platting plays in the Bundesliga & John loves the club’s attitude and the support of the fans.

“The president of the club developed a good sponsors, which really helped with recruitment,” he says. “For a small city like this, it’s great to be represented in one of the best football competitions in Europe.”

Rosenberg has no plans to retire. And why it? He is a football coach, loves Europe and still enjoys football in North America and all his other interests.

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