How We Can Deal With Medicaid For the Medical Biller

When a patient receives Medicaid, it can sometimes cause difficulties in obtaining a paid Medical Claim. Here are some Medicaid-specific scenarios for a doctor’s bill.

When using Medicaid HMO, ask the patient to call the carrier if the bill is declined because he was not authorized for medical services. This is especially the case when the carrier is HIP.

In one case, the patient had Medicaid And GHI Insurance and the patient died without property and Medicaid had absorbed all of the savings and other money. If Medicaid cannot be served from New Jersey, you must accept the GHI Insurance payment as a full payment. If the patient had Medicaid, Medicaid will liquidate its assets for compensation. So in this case, you can call Medicaid for information, call the nursing home and inquire about the patient’s insurance, and request a duplicate EOB or explanation of benefits from the insurance company so you know how much money to expect and how much to write out.

This prepaid Medicaid program means that even if you are denied Medicaid from New York State as a Healthcare provider, say Home First, your anesthesia insurance claim will still go to Medicaid in New York State because some Medicaid healthcare providers do not provide compensation or anesthesia services.

Ask the patient to apply for Medicaid if the aid history is a crisis and they do not have Insurance. Call the insurance company and explain to them that there can be no pre-authorization as with the crisis service. Before doing this, ensure that the procedure is prescribed on an outpatient basis if the patient is an outpatient and an inpatient if the patient is an inpatient. For a crisis service, you must also check whether the service location is also inside or outside the network.

You must send a medical client to the collection department at the physician’s request at a physician’s courtesy rate, regardless of whether the patient has Medicaid hmo (Health Maintenance Organization). We must contact the carrier, especially if the traveler is HIP, and send a letter of complaint.

When you have both Medicaid and Medicare in an insurance claim, Medicaid is your Primary Health Plan and Medicare is your secondary insurance. You must apply to Medicare after Medicaid. For Medicaid accounts, you can check Medicaid online at the Medicaid website to see if the service is provided as a qualifying emergency service under Medicaid. Then add your Medicaid ID, Fee Cut, and file to Medicaid on any or all accounts the patient has with you.

For Medicaid cases, you can call the customer and ask them to contact the hospital’s inpatient or outpatient Billing Department for a valid copy of their Medicaid number. The client then contacts the hospital to confirm his paramedic number and then calls us back with this information.

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