New Divas Championship History Ever

For the longest time in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), there was only one precious belt that female wrestlers have competed for. The Women’s Championship title is held by some of the best players in the field such as Trish Stratos, Lita and Victoria. In 2002, after the WWE Women’s Championship was defended on both the Raw and Smackdown shows, a change was made. The women’s title became exclusive to the TV show Raw and was contested only by WWE Divas on Raw. After that, four different Smackdown events took place, with Torrie Wilson, Nidia, Melina and Ashley Massaro of Smackdown each trying to get the belt on different occasions. None of the WWE divas have ever won the title and it remains the Outstanding Women’s Title on Raw. It wasn’t until earlier this year that a new title was added for the Divas, making it a Smackdown exclusive.

On June 6, 2008, Smackdown general manager Vicki Guerrero decided that her show also needed a gold medal in the female singer’s tournament. Vickie has announced that a brand new WWE Divas Championship belt will be made. The belt itself was unveiled on July 4, 2008 at Smackdown and the color pink appeared on it. General Manager Smackdown held a series of matches to determine who would fight for the title. There have been two separate ‘Golden Star on Pole’ competitions in which the first singer to climb the corner of the ring and get back a gold star hanging from a pole. The competition featured singers such as Victoria, Maris, Cherry, Natalia and Michelle McCool. One match was won by Natalia and the other by Michelle McCool. The WWE Divas meet on July 20, 2008 at the Great American Bash in Uniondale, New York.

At Great American Bash Pay-Per-View, Michelle McCool was able to beat rival Natalya in her first title match. Michele won the title via submission and used the Brazilian heel lock to force Natalia to take advantage. Michelle made her name in WWE history by becoming the first WWE Diva to win the WWE Divas Championship. So far Michelle has been the only WWE Divas champion as she has successfully defended the title against the likes of Natalia and Maryse. Both the Raw and Smackdown brands now have competitive singer divisions thanks to the creation of the new belt. On Raw Divas continues to fight for the impressive Women’s Title, and at Smackdown, the newly created WWE Divas Championship has earned its place in WWE history.


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