Pakistani showbiz affairs of Year 2019

Due to the advancement of social media knowing about the current affairs in showbiz is not a problem. There are lots of platforms where you can get information easily.

Which included youtube, facebook, websites, Instagram, Twitter and many more. Moreover the commenting authority in everyone’s hands. They easily writing comments about the videos. pictures, sharings, or about any news. So below I mention the most popular Pakistani showbiz affairs.


Sanam blotch is a famous Pakistani actress. She is a very excellent, polite and decent woman. She also hosted the morning show. their morning is famous among girls and women.

Recently Sanam Bloch changed their name on twitter account. The previous name on twitter is Sanam Abdullah recently changed into Sanam Bloch Hispanic. Due to this changing, the followers and fans want to know the reason behind this. But she always ignoring to answering that kind of news.The reason is a leak from another source now everyone knows the reason.


This is too much shocking news for the fans of Iqrar ul Hassan. They hosting the shows, especially in Ramazan transmission. When he posted her picture with the second a wife whose name is Farrah Yousaf.

Everyone is crazy about to know why they both together.So the news comes out. Farah Yousaf is the second wife of Iqrar ul Hassan for many years. Another shocking thing is that both wives are living happily with one another. Fans salute the character of the first wife of Iqrar-ul Hassan who spends a happy life with the second wife.


Fiza Ali is working on the dramas as an actress and also hosting the morning shows. She did not share any news about their divorce and now she also did not share any news about their second marriage.

Everyone knows she is a very outspoken person but did not share this news in social media. Moreover, she is also decided to leave the showbiz after the gameshow.


This is big and shocking new in Pakistani showbiz. They both are big stars in the Pakistani industry. This is the first time in the Pakistani industry the girl accuse on co acter male (Ali Zafar ).

This case goes to court and everyone is waiting for the results because this is a question mark on the character of Ali Zafar. Meesha explains many incidents of harassment so everyone wants to know is Meesha right or wrong.


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