The Emergencies of Philippine Boxing History

Manny Pacquiao has done a lot for his country. His boxing skills brought his country fame and made him a hero among his countrymen. His fame, charisma and talent have also opened up new opportunities for his fellow Filipino boxers. International boxing promoters have now started to include Filipino boxers in their international boxing promotions. As a result, Filipino boxing talents were exposed to the world and led to the revival of Benoy Boxing.

This boom culminated in the international promotion of boxing, also known as the “World Cup” of Boxing. The event is expected to be an annual event to be held between two competing nations considered to be a powerhouse of boxing. The competition this year was between permanent boxing power Mexico and the Philippines, the new boxing stronghold. Mexico was the defending champion of the Boxing World Cup, beating Thailand in the first boxing match.

The Philippine boxing team won five of the six fights at stake this year at the Boxing World Cup, which was held at the Arco Arena. The big boxing event was held in front of a very partisan crowd of 4,469 raucous fans from both countries. Benoy Boxing confirmed his status as the world’s boxing superpower by snatching the title from Mexico.

Jerry Pinalusa contributed the biggest win when he took the WBO bantam title from Mexican champion Johnny Gonzalez with a knockout win. Boxer Benoy Gonzalez was hit by a paralyzed bullet in the seventh round. However, it was Z Gorres who sealed the victory for the Filipinos. Former WBC champion Eric Ortiz was suspended by an eighth round technical knockout to take the Philippine boxing team’s fourth win.

Davao City’s Diosdado Gabe was the Philippine team’s first winner with an eight-lap unanimous decision over Mexican Jose Angel Piranza. Michael Domingo then followed with a unanimous six-lap win over previously unbeaten Miguel Roman. The Domingo-Roman match was considered one of the most exciting fights of the evening and got fans excited for the main event.

Cebu’s AJ ‘Bazooka’ Banal completed the five wins it took to secure the World Cup by stopping Jorge Cardenas in the third round of the six-table tournament. The Filipino boxing potential showed great strength and skill as he repeatedly punched his Mexican opponent with blazing shots that culminated in an explosive block that brought down Cardenas. Cardenas appears to have sprained his knee, preventing him from getting up and continuing the fight. However, Benoy’s boxing team did not make it to all six matches, with Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista suffering a very painful first round KO defeat at the hands of Daniel Ponce de Leon.

The Philippines’ victory in this year’s Boxing World Cup will only fuel Philippine boxers’ desire to train hard. Now that the door has been opened for them, they must take advantage of their best efforts in the world boxing tournaments. We hope the excitement they bring will revive boxing and honor Filipino boxing.

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